CALM 20 - Experience a NextGen, Balance Sheet Management Solution

CALM 20: Experience a NextGen Balance Sheet Management Solution



Intellect’s Contextual ALM 2020 (CALM 20) has been rated among top ALM and Balance Sheet Management solutions Worldwide in Celent Report titled – NextGen Balance sheet management Vendor ABCD: Chasing The Frontiers Of Tech-Enabled Total Balance Sheet Optimization.

This report takes into consideration various factors like vendor landscape, product positioning and differentiators across various dimensions, which in part reflects the pedigree of vendors and in other cases, is a result of the ambition of vendors to build on and expand beyond their existing areas of strength. After careful evaluation, the report profiles 13 ALM and Balance Sheet Management solutions in use or being marketed for banks and financial institutions.

CALM 20, a contextual Asset Liability Management (ALM) platform addresses the need of the hour for a contextual and holistic version of the truth about ALM. Combining the power of seamless data aggregation and six balance sheet risk algorithms to manage correlated balance sheet risks, it enables financial institutions to gain a complete view of the balance sheet, monitor and manage liquidity risk and interest rate risk, perform stress testing and ensure regulatory compliance through liquidity monitoring tools.

The Contextual ALM platform consists of a combination of:

  • Coherent data fabric for seamless data aggregation
  • Six balance sheet risk algorithms providing integrated risk impact
  • Advanced analytics for informed decision-making

Product differentiators that made Intellect’s CALM 20 outperform its competition are:

  • Strong architectural approach with coherent data fabric (with modern approach for data ingestion and information management) supported by Intellect’s algo library for all balance sheet risks
  • End-to-end coverage of LCR, NSFR, monitoring tools, and stressed LCR analysis
  • Advanced analytics, supported by intuitive and interactive dashboard that enable decision-makers and executives to dynamically assess the impact of changes on balance sheet values and the impact of strategic decisions, as well as the ability to assess impact on liquidity, rate, profitability and capital metrics holistically
  • Integrated FTP and performance management across products and units for improved capital allocation on the basis of profitability and variance analysis and reports/dashboards
  • A market risk management module can be used by banks to measure their trading book risks, using regulatory approaches by BIS, e.g., Standardised Measurement Method (SMM) or Internal Models Approach (IMA)
  • Inbuilt ratio builder functionality with appropriate workflows enables greater flexibility in tailoring to what institutions require
  • Built on modern IT infrastructure stack (e.g. HTML5, Kafka, Java)
  • Intellect Design has a strong pedigree of digital and customer centricity in the design of systems
  • Good (double digit) growth in client wins in APAC region over the past years




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